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Blacks in I/O Psychology

Janice Gassam Asare, Ph.D.

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As an anti-racism educator, DEI consultant, speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, and writer, Janice helps businesses and institutions develop interventions to make the workplace more equitable. Much of Janice's work focuses on anti-racism and anti-blackness, how these manifest in and out of the workplace, and strategies to remove systemic barriers that perpetuate harm. Janice is a PhD-trained Industrial Organizational psychologist and her dissertation focused on hiring bias. Janice strives to use her knowledge, experience, and research to strengthen organizations, foster understanding and healing, and provide guidance on how to create safer spaces for all employees.

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Gregory Pennington, Ph.D.

As a leadership development consultant, Greg has focused on accelerating and elevating the effectiveness of leaders, teams, and organizations. He has served a variety of leadership roles in corporations, and consulting firms. These include VP, Senior Leader Development and Planning for a global enterprise before launching Pennpoint Consulting Group in 2012. Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, he has concentrated on the application of psychology in the development of leaders, leadership, and high performing teams. In doing so, he has leveraged his research on the need for power, the intentionality of effort, and the impact of personal missions to understanding and driving leaders, teams, and organizations to their next level. Throughout all of his work, Greg uses a lens of diversity- the dynamics of differences – to find opportunities for breakthroughs. His current focus on the dynamics of similarities is related to personal experiences of often being one of the first or few, and a commitment to not being the last or only. His presentation will take a candid look at his consulting journey that included being asked “what is like being the only black?”, and “finally, I get someone who understands?”. The question he poses is “what is it like working with someone who looks like you?”.

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