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Blacks in I/O Psychology

Membership Services & Engagement

This committee will be responsible for developing, maintaining and overseeing new membership. This includes recruiting and attracting new members and ally members and overseeing the membership spotlight series.  This committee will also be responsible for analyzing the membership satisfaction survey results and reporting results to Blacks in I/O leadership.

Programming Committee

This committee will be responsible for developing programming for members throughout the year. Types of programming include fireside chats, webinars, networking events, and our annual conference and gala. Committee members will partner with other committees in coordinating events (e.g., the social media and communications committee will assist with marketing events).

Social Media Marketing & Communications

This committee will be responsible for maintaining all Blacks in I/O social media platforms. This will include working closely with other Blacks in IO team members to post relevant information including member spotlights, upcoming events, career development opportunities and relevant I/O content.

Business Development & Partnerships

This committee will be responsible for building partnerships and strategic alliances that will extend Blacks in I/O’s brand in the community and increase avenues of support and sponsorship. This committee will also work closely with the membership engagement committee to manage the programming calendar.

Special Projects

This committee will be responsible for developing niche programs, events and services as an extension of Blacks in I/O. This committee will consist of task forces and sub-committees dedicated to matters of special interests including the Law Enforcement Task Force and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

Current Special Projects & Task Forces:

No active special projects or task forces.

Past Committees & Special Projects & Task Forces:

Law Enforcement Task Force

The purpose of the Blacks in I/O Law Enforcement Task Force is to combine efforts from multidisciplinary professionals to address the systemic societal issues of racism and bias and how they are manifested in law enforcement. Together we will plan and strategize ways to use our professional expertise to make an impact for the Black community.  

 The task force, and its partner organizations, shall be representative of the expertise required to guide and support policing reform.  Members of the task force should include personnel with the capacity and capability to achieve the organization’s agenda.

The Law Enforcement Task Force will end on May 15, 2021.

The Law Enforcement Task Force under Blacks in I/O was active for nearly a year. Their impact is far reaching in the field of I/O. Accomplishments include:

Congratulations to all the past members of the Law Enforcement Task Force!

Thank you for all your hard work. 

Volunteer & Pro Bono Projects

This committee was responsible for partnering closely with Blacks in I/O leadership regarding the development, engagement, and oversight of the organization’s volunteer and pro bono project participation. This committee was dissolved in January 2023.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Special Projects - DEI Landing Page

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force is dedicated to furthering the understanding and implementation of efficacious DEI concepts and strategies by ensuring those who are most affected by these strategies are given voice in their construction and use. This taks force was dissolved in 2023.

Accomplishments: SIOP White Paper on Effectively measuring the impact of and improving extant DEI strategies in organizations.

Read The White Paper Here

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