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Blacks in I/O Psychology


The BIOP Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers responsible for defining policies, managing growth, and advancing the mission, vision and goals of BIOP. By serving on the BIOP Board, directors exercise a major impact on the strategic direction of the organization. 



The Chair oversees the work of the board. Maintains the integrity of Blacks in I/O (e.g., ensuring no conflicts of interest), leads the development of the annual budget (in coordination with the treasurer), keeps members informed about Blacks in I/O’s operations and initiatives, calls for votes on decisions to be made by board members.

    • Special Projects & Task Forces committee reports to the Chair
    • 2-year term

Shyriah Marshall (Detroit, MI) is a dedicated student, consultant, and volunteer amongst various organizations. Currently, she serves as an AAR & Battery Program Specialist for AAA - The Auto Club Group. She also serves on the leadership team of The ACG Emerging Professionals Team where she assists with supporting events, fundraising, and career advancement.

Shyriah is currently a PhD Student at Walden University where her focus is I/O Psychology - Leadership & Coaching. She also holds a Master of Philosophy in IO Psychology from Walden University. She previously studied at Peru State College in Peru, NE where she obtained a Master of Science in Organizational Management (Economic and Entrepreneurial Development) and a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Systems Management.

In addition to her corporate role, Shyriah is the founder & chief consultant of Marshall Career Consulting, LLC. where she assists clients with securing their ideal careers, small business development, and project management. Her hope is to complete her PhD and begin teaching at the collegiate level to help others advance.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is also a vital part of the leadership team. The vice chair carries out special assignments as requested by the chair and fills in for the Chair if necessary. Produces, coordinates, or delegates coordination of a monthly program or event on behalf of Blacks in I/O. 

    • Volunteer & Pro Bono projects Lead reports to Vice Chair
    • 2-year term

Anika Wilson

Anika Wilson, is a respected thought leader, speaker, podcast host and conference curator. She is a business consultant for women committed to leading through business. Combining her clinical experience with psychological theories, tests and measurements, she creates personalized systematic solutions for entrepreneurs and executives through her consulting services at her firm Nobody Greater, LLC. Her approach towards life, business and leadership is comprised of her lived experiences, education and passion for excellence. With the new developments in equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging, she believes that every woman has the potential to work, live and lead their lives, businesses and families with excellence. As such, she recently founded Infinite Women’s Network to assist women committed to excellence, bridge the gap between aspiration to attainment.

Some of her notable works include the ImfluaXion Conference Series. She also is the host of the podcast titled, Your Voice; Your Power by Anika. After working in social services and government for two decades, she founded Nobody Greater, LLC. At Nobody Greater, she educates, empowers and equips women with tangible resources to restore their faith in purpose, passion and people through optimal business solutions. She redesigns business structures to improve performance, team development and global leadership initiatives transforming old business into innovative sustainable businesses for women internationally. Previously, Anika served as a corrections officer, administrator and mental health specialist in Florida governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. Anika also worked in long term care, substance abuse and forensic institutions as a recovery specialist, vocational counselor and long-term care manager. Since leaving the corporate structure to build her own enterprises as an external consultant, Anika has translated her skills into the research, and academia of I/O Psychology. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Anika received her master's in Psychology from Capella University and her bachelor's of Criminal Justice from Florida A&M University (Cum Laude).

Anika prides herself in creativity, freedom and healing. She loves to serve her community, and spend time with her family. She is the proud military spouse of an active-duty service-member and a mother of 3 beautiful children.


The Secretary is also tasked with monitoring compliance with the organization's bylaws. Additional responsibilities include: producing an annual membership directory, overseeing membership requests and responding to membership inquiries, and coordinating mass mailings (i.e., monthly newsletter, quarterly newsletter). 

    • Membership Services and Engagement Lead reports to Secretary
    • 1-year term

Teresa "Terri" White

My name is Teresa "Terri" White. I am a lifelong resident of Central California with a small stint of time spent in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana. I am a mother of three awesome children Isaiah, Ambiance, and Daniel. I started my journey into I/O Psychology in my Master's where I learned that psychology could do more than help better understand the mind but also help relationships in our everyday lives. I am passionate about helping professionals from all walks of life find and thrive in their God-given gifts and talents. I am currently in my Ph.D. program for I/O Psychology through Northcentral University. It is my goal to offer I/O services to organizations that would not normally have access to a psychologist. Organizations such as non-profits and faith-based organizations and congregations.


The Treasurer keeps track of the organization's financial condition and works with the Chair to lead the development of the annual budget. He or she must understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations and ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. The treasurer also reviews the annual audit, and answers board member questions about the audit, and provides regular updates to the board about the annual audit and budget.

    • Business Development & Partnerships Lead reports to Treasurer
    • 1-year term

Shaneeta C. Dickens

Credentials: Bachelor of Science Nutrition; Master of Science in I/O Psychology

Specialties: Work/Life Balance Coaching, Stress Management, Executive Functioning Skills, Workplace Motivation

Biography: Shaneeta began her career in the Public Health field working as a Nutritionist for the state of Georgia and evolving into a Private Practitioner offering Wellness Coaching for individuals striving for an improved quality of life. She has worked in private mental health settings, community health, hospitals and corporate organizations as a hands-on facilitator, public speaker and business development consultant. She works with adolescent and adult clients focusing on stress management, wellness recovery plans, work-life balance and executive functioning. She understands how important it is to identify all aspects of an individual’s life that impact their well-being including support systems, work/school environment, spirituality and life purpose. Under her consulting firm “Black Magenta Consulting” Shaneeta compassionately works with each of her clients by meeting them where they are and empowering them with new life skills during their journey.

Personal: Shaneeta enjoys gardening, traveling, music, and poetry. She loves meeting new people and spending quality time with her family and friends. She is also a dedicated breeder of English and French Bulldogs.


The Communications Chair attends all board meetings and is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate meeting minutes. The communications chair will be responsible for fielding emails that come into the BIOP gmail account box.

    • Social Media Marketing & Communications Lead reports to Communications Chair
    • 1-year term

Alexis Graham

Hi everybody! My name is Alexis Graham. I am a Corporate Recruiter for an Education Technology company right outside of Washington, DC. I am from the area and have lived in the DMV my entire life. I have a master’s degree in General Psychology and am currently pursing my Doctorate in I/O Psychology with a concentration in Coaching. Working with corporations to assist in mitigating burnout and hiring biases is my passion. Not only am I focusing my research on these topics, but I put them in practice daily, volunteering for my company’s Diversity Inclusion steering committee to ensure that interdepartmental policies remain equitable and fair for all. I am so excited for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to move the needle in the IO Psych space together.

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