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Blacks in I/O Psychology


The BIOP Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers responsible for defining policies, managing growth, and advancing the mission, vision and goals of BIOP. By serving on the BIOP Board, directors exercise a major impact on the strategic direction of the organization. 



The Chair oversees the work of the board. Maintains the integrity of Blacks in I/O (e.g., ensuring no conflicts of interest), leads the development of the annual budget (in coordination with the treasurer), keeps members informed about Blacks in I/O’s operations and initiatives, calls for votes on decisions to be made by board members.

    • 2-year term

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is also a vital part of the leadership team. The vice chair carries out special assignments as requested by the chair and fills in for the Chair if necessary. Produces, coordinates, or delegates coordination of a monthly program or event on behalf of Blacks in I/O. 

    • Volunteer & Pro Bono projects Lead reports to Vice Chair
    • 2-year term


The Secretary is also tasked with monitoring compliance with the organization's bylaws. Additional responsibilities include: producing an annual membership directory, overseeing membership requests and responding to membership inquiries, and coordinating mass mailings (i.e., monthly newsletter, quarterly newsletter). 

    • Membership Services and Engagement Lead reports to Secretary
    • 1-year term


The Treasurer keeps track of the organization's financial condition and works with the Chair to lead the development of the annual budget. He or she must understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations and ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. The treasurer also reviews the annual audit, and answers board member questions about the audit, and provides regular updates to the board about the annual audit and budget.

    • Business Development & Partnerships Lead reports to Treasurer
    • 1-year term


The Communications Chair attends all board meetings and is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate meeting minutes. The communications chair will be responsible for fielding emails that come into the BIOP gmail account box.

    • Social Media Marketing & Communications Lead reports to Communications Chair
    • 1-year term

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