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Blacks in I/O Psychology

Details & Testimonials

We are well aware being a minority in undergraduate/graduate programs, and even in workplaces, can be overwhelming. Establishing the Blacks in I/O Mentorship Program allows for, YOU, our members to interact and learn from those who look like you and/or who are in spaces you hope to reach.

"Mentorship provides access to those who might not otherwise have it...Mentorship builds up a network and opens doors to new relationships that can influence a career trajectory."

Marcus Stevenson, Salesforce

"Donald was a fantastic mentor and provided great advice for me to meet each one of my goals.  He connected me to some cost-effective websites for stats and writing help and we had many great conversations about social justice in the workplace.  I'd say each of my goals were successfully met."

"Cindy’s advice helped in tailoring how I would match my experience to different roles and gave me the confidence I needed to tell my story during interviews and networking events over the past year. "

"Ron has shared so much of his expertise with me and has really been instrumental in helping me navigate my role in a new position as well as helping me to define my skill sets. He has been patient and available to me in addition to our zoom meetings. There is not a time I do not email him with a question or scenario that he has not gotten back to me with substantive feedback and resources. Although the program is ending I will ask Ron to continue our Mentor/Mentee relationship as I have found it to be valuable, especially since I am still in the infancy of building my I/O career."


  • All current Blacks in I/O members are eligible to apply.
  • A mentee is defined as anyone who is currently an undergraduate student, graduate student or someone who has less than three years of professional experience in the field of I/O.
  • A mentor is defined as a professional working in an I/O-related field and has at least 5 years of experience (or at least 2 years of PhD experience). Additionally, the mentor has a desire to serve as an educator, motivator and role model for aspiring and young I/O professionals.


To participate in the mentorship program, Blacks in I/O would like to uphold the following expectations:

  1. Interested individuals must be current, active members of Blacks in I/O
  2. The full program is an academic year-long engagement, so applicants need to be able to dedicate a year to this relationship.
  3. You get to design your relationship with your mentor/mentee, and we highly encourage dedicating at least 1 hour per month to fostering your relationships.
  4. Mentorship would not be possible without goals, so it is our hope that each mentee, with the help of their respective mentor, will be able to work towards his/her/their goals.

 Resource for 2022-2023


2022 Cohort is now in session. 


If there are additional questions regarding the program, please feel free to reach out to please contact Riza Leak at  

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