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Blacks in I/O Psychology

Business Development and Partnerships

Welcome to the Business Development and Partnerships Landing Page! 

  • Committee Lead: Romara Pimpleton 
  • Committee Lead Email Address:

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Meeting flow: Monthly on Zoom

Current Projects and Initiatives:

Goal 1: Partnerships – This group has added a partnerships email. They are also reviewing our previous partnership materials and updating as needed. This group is also thinking through funding opportunities. 

Goal 2 and 3: Conference and Gala – In progress of collecting data on preferred format for this event from membership. Recently completed polling on social networks. Engaging in further research options and associated costs.

Goal 4: State/Regional/School Chapters – Team has finished research on the potential of adding chapters (region based or at schools). Recommendations: prioritize building the membership and engagement of our core organization. To address the concern for meeting the needs of different locations, we can plan events in different states that are run by BIOP.

Meet our Committee Members

My name is Daniel Washington and I'm a highly accomplished Industrial/Organizational Psychology graduate with experience in Project Management, Market Research, Organizational Change, Talent Acquisition, and Career Development. I received my Master's from Touro College in New York City in 2020 and I currently specialize in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). I joined Blacks in Industrial/Organizational Psychology because I am committed to being a part of a community where I can help students and young professionals discover their greatest potentials, capitalize on their strengths, and flourish in their careers. My extensive professional and academic experiences have helped me understand the value of working authentically, forging meaningful relationships with others, and helping organizations define their mission, vision, and values. By being a member of Blacks in I/O, I hope to develop leadership skills that will help me inspire change in others and become a pioneer in my field. 

I am a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I majored in Psychology, focusing on Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. I have extensive experience studying how people form biased first impressions and evaluating science programs for minority scholars. I am now a first-year graduate student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program at Baruch College, where I research impression formation within workspaces and the hiring practices of police organizations. I am excited to use my passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts to help Blacks in I/O accomplish its mission of increasing Black scholars and practitioners’ presence within I/O Psychology. 

Adrienne is a Ph.D. candidate and organizational psychologist studying complex societal issues around human behavior in relation to justice, race, intersectionality, group dynamics, belonging, and the workplace. She has spent much of her career thinking about how to advocate for the rights of the most historically excluded groups. And today, she looks closely at the right for these groups to access high-opportunity employment, also known as diversity and inclusion. As a global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader, Adrienne employs a unique blend of science, evidence-based practices, and creativity to explore inequity across all variations and lines of difference. She regularly develops responsive DEI strategies that challenge individual, institutional, and systemic inequality. As a consultant and account lead, Adrienne has provided unique workforce solutions and equity-focused learning and development training to some of the world's most admired brands, such as McDonald's, PepsiCo, AT&T, and JPMorgan Chase.

In the community, Adrienne sits on the Associate Board for The Grey Matter Experience. She is also a researcher for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Adler University. As a person who believes deeply in human potential and that we all can thrive when given the right set of circumstances, Adrienne remains persistent in her efforts to dismantle systems of oppression by providing actionable steps to help move others beyond mere conversations around diversity and inclusion to actualizing meaningful change. 

I am a goal and results driven individual devoted to helping others surpass their potential in various aspects of life with a demonstrated history of working in academic and corporate industries. I am also a strong research professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Albright College and a Master's Degree from Penn State University in IO Psychology.

With experience on consulting projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies on developing, implementing, and assessing creativity initiatives and working on various applied projects through my education, I have developed skills in leadership assessment and development, diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI), professional communication, and program coordination.

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